Spinal Surgery Tourism

Spinal surgery can be extremely expensive and cost is one of the most common reasons people choose medical tourism. The costs of a spinal surgery in a foreign country can often be much cheaper than the same procedure in the United States; in addition, there are some spinal surgery procedures that are available in other countries that are not currently offered here.

Advantages of Spinal Surgery Tourism

  • Potential cost savings
  • More treatments available
  • Less wait time

Drawbacks of Spinal Surgery Tourism

  • Greater risk of complication
  • No recourse for malpractice
  • Potentially painful transit

Is Spinal Surgery Tourism Safe?

Spinal surgery tourism is becoming a very popular form of medical tourism partly because of the spread of advanced medical technologies. It is now very common to find the latest, cutting-edge medical technology even in developing countries such as India, Costa Rica, and Thailand. The skill level of surgeons based abroad has also greatly improved in recent years. Highly qualified surgeons — many of whom are educated in the United States– are now practicing spinal surgery in their home countries. The biggest risks for people taking part in spinal surgery tourism are similar to the risks one would face in the United States, except in some countries you may not have any recourse for medical malpractice. This is not necessarily cause for worry, as long as you do your research. Check out the hospital, doctor, and risks associated with your procedure before making your decision to ensure that the hospital is accredited, the doctor is licensed, and that the procedure is the right one for you. The primary drawback for spinal surgery tourism is that spinal surgeries often require extensive recovery and physical therapy post-op, which could significantly extend the length of your stay in the country where your operation is performed. Don’t let this discourage you, however, as the amount of money saved from spinal surgery tourism will be so large that you will still save money by staying longer to physically recuperate.

The Most Common Procedures for Spinal Surgery Tourism

Discectomy – this procedure involves the removal of a spinal disc that may be deformed, damaged, or otherwise causing the patient pain. Laminectomy or decompression surgery – alleviates pressure on the spinal cord by removing the lamina portion of the spine Spine Fusion – this procedure is not performed very often in the United States as many spinal surgeons are uncomfortable with the potential complications. In India however, there are a number of spinal surgeons who specialize in spinal fusion.
Disc Replacement – artificial discs are installed in the spine to replace damaged or deformed spinal discs. When you choose spinal surgery tourism, you may be able to save a lot of money on your procedure. With MedicalTourismLoan.com, paying for your spinal surgery is even easier. That’s because we frequently handle spinal surgery financing agreements and we can help you take the costs associated with your spinal surgery tourism and transform them into a convenient monthly payment plan.

Spinal Surgery Tourism Financing

With MedicalTourismLoan.com, we can offer a quick loan decision on an affordable financing option. If you are looking for help paying for your spinal surgery tourism, there may be multiple financing options for which you qualify. Even if you have no credit or less-than-perfect credit, we are committed to helping individuals just like you pay for their procedures.

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