Plastic Surgery Tourism

Plastic surgery used to be a luxury only afforded to the rich, but with the rising popularity of plastic surgery tourism, more people are now able to afford the procedures they want. Plastic surgery tourism is not only a great way to save money on your medical bills, but it is also a way to get operations performed that are not currently available in the United States. Despite the fact that many operations are often dramatically cheaper in foreign countries, the standards of medical care in many of these countries is on par or comparable to the quality of care in the western world. Advances in medical technology and the increased availability of modern medical devices have opened the door for top quality surgery facilities in places that in the past were usually thought of as “3rd world” or “developing countries.” Another common reason that people decide on plastic surgery tourism is the lack of wait times. In the U.S., UK, and other popular spots for plastic surgery, it is not unusual for doctors or surgeons to have waiting lists that are months long. With plastic surgery tourism, you can get your procedure without having to wait. The costs of plastic surgery tourism can vary greatly depending on the type of surgery you are undergoing, the destination where the surgery will be performed, and the choice of doctor or hospital.

Common plastic surgery tourism procedures:

  • Facelift
  • Buttlift
  • Excess skin removal
  • Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery
  • Hair transplantation
  • Lip plumping
  • Breast implants
  • Facial Restructuring
  • Liposuction

When you choose to get your procedure performed in a foreign country, you are obviously saving a bundle of money on your bills, but with, paying for your procedure has never been easier. We have a large network of lenders that we work with who regularly help patients financing their plastic surgery tourism trips and we may be able to quickly connect you to an affordable monthly payment plan so that you can get the procedure you want as soon as possible.

Plastic surgery tourism financing

If you are needing help covering all or part of the cost of your plastic surgery tourism, there may be financing options available for which you qualify. can offer you a quick loan decision on a payment plan that will allow you to take the large cost of your plastic surgery tourism and break it down into easy-to-handle, low monthly installments. Even if you have been turned down in the past, or if you have less-than-perfect credit, there still may be financing options available. We also specialize in helping those individuals with less-than-perfect credit obtain plastic surgery tourism financing.

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