Opthalmology Tourism

Opthalmology tourism is becoming a popular choice for people who are looking to save money on their eye surgeries and other eye treatments. Opthalmology literally means “the science of the eye” and it is often confused with optometry. The difference between an opthalmologist and an optometrist is that an opthalmologist is a doctor, while an optometrist is merely an eye health professional. An opthalmologist is able to provide more in-depth examinations and diagnoses involving a wide range of problems associated with the eye, the nerves of the eye, eye diseases, and eye health. An opthalmologist is also licensed to perform eye surgeries, whereas an optometrist can only offer contact lens and eyeglasses prescriptions. Opthalmology tourism can be a quick way for patients to cut down on the cost of their procedure simply by opting to have it performed in another country.

LASIK Surgery Tourism

One of the most common opthalmology procedures that people choose to have performed in a foreign country is LASIK surgery. LASIK Surgery Tourism has allowed thousands of people to obtain LASIK Surgery from top opthalmologists for a fraction of what they would pay in the United States. LASIK is the most popular refractive eye surgery in the world. Refractive surgery is used to reshape the cornea of the eye to allow it to properly focus, providing clearer vision and less blurriness. LASIK can be used as a corrective procedure for Astigmatism, Myopia, and Hyperopia. Usually LASIK surgery can be completed in around a half hour, without pain. The procedure has relatively quick recovery times and vision improvements can be noticeable within 24hrs of the surgery. Not every eye condition can be corrected via LASIK, so you should consult with your opthalmologist to discuss what your best options are for treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, LASIK may not be recommended as it would only offer marginal improvement or require additional surgeries after a short period of time.

Myopia correction with LASIK Surgery Tourism

LASIK can be an effective correction for various degrees of myopia, including low, moderate, and severe myopia. Another term for nearsightedness, myopia is a condition where the patient has better vision for close objects. One of the causes of myopia is distortion of the shape of the eyeball. A longer eye can shift the angle of the cornea, resulting in light focusing in front of the retina instead of on the retina itself. This creates a blurring of objects at a distance. With LASIK, the shape of the cornea can be adjusted so that the point of focus is back on the retina itself, providing a permanent or semi-permanent solution to the problem.

Hyperopia correction with LASIK Surgery Tourism

Like myopia, hyperopia involves a distortion of the shape of the eyeball and cornea that results in light being focused behind the retina instead of on the retina itself (or in front of the retina as in myopia). Hyperopia sufferers have difficulty seeing objects in the near distance. LASIK surgery can be used to reshape the cornea and shift the point of focus for light entering the eye back to the retina, providing a permanent or semi-permanent fix for hyperopia.

Astigmatism correction with LASIK Surgery Tourism

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea has an uneven surface that can lead to irregular focusing. It often first occurs early in life, but some adults and elderly are affected as well. Astigmatism is often found in conjunction with hyperopia or myopia and can be corrected or greatly improved through LASIK Surgery. LASIK Surgery costs can vary depending on your location, choice of opthalmologist, severity of condition, and the type of condition that you need treated. With LASIK Surgery Tourism, you may be able to find a clinic offering LASIK surgery for a fraction of the cost that clinics in the United States charge.

Opthalmology Tourism Financing

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