Medical Tourism in Thailand

With 4.7 billion dollars a year spent on Medical Tourism in Thailand, it ranks as one of the top spots in the world for patients seeking medical treatment abroad. The country has 29 JCI-accredited hospitals and 5-star hotels for patients to recuperate in and there are so many medical tourists that travel to Thailand each year that special arrival desks are in the airport to greet medical tourists and escort them to their hospital. Thailand is a popular choice for medical tourism for multiple reasons. The country has some of the most advanced medical facilities in Southeast Asia and the cost savings can be much greater than having the same procedure performed in the United States. Not only that, but Americans are able to travel to Thailand for 30 days without a Visa, but you also have the option of applying for a non-immigrant medical visa which can be extended to 90 days.

What you need to know about Medical Tourism in Thailand


As with any medical procedure, of course there are certain risks involved. Just like you would do before getting an operation in the United States, you should research the hospital, doctor, and procedure before your trip so that you know what to expect and can be sure that the facilities will be up to your standards. The biggest risks associated with medical tourism in Thailand are probably related to the travel itself. The flight from NYC->Thailand is about 16 hrs. Long flights have been shown to lead to an increased risk of blood clots for certain people and if you are injured or in serious pain, an extended plane ride might not be desirable. The savings, however, may mean that the travel risks are worth it for some people. An additional risk for medical tourism in Thailand is that if you return home and experience any complications or require any follow-up procedures, you will not be able to get them without travelling again. Also, unlike the U.S., there is little recourse for medical malpractice. That is why it is important to read reviews of patients who have undergone similar procedures with the same doctor or at the same hospital.

Cost Savings

Your total savings will depend on a number of factors, including your particular procedure, choice of hospital or doctor, destination city, and length of stay.

Quality of Care

The widespread availability of advanced medical technology and accreditation organizations such as JCI have led to Thailand having state-of-the-art facilities that rival even those in the United States and Canada. Many Thai doctors actually attend medical school in the U.S. and Australia. Due to the rapid growth of medical tourism in Thailand, medical tourists are able to have a wide selection of hospitals and doctors to choose from and do not have to wait to get care.

Popular Hospitals

  • Bumrumgrad Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital

Medical Tourism in Thailand Financing

When you participate in medical tourism in Thailand, you are able to save a lot of money, but with, paying for your medical procedures is even easier. We can quickly pair you with a financing option that will let you take the large costs associated with your medical tourism in Thailand and turn them into a low monthly payment. That way, you can pay for your medical tourism in Thailand over time instead of all at once. Even if you have bad credit or have been turned down for financing in the past, we still may be able to match you up with a financing option. We often help individuals with less-than-perfect credit and we can help you too.

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