Medical Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is the #1 spot in Asia and #6 worldwide for obtaining healthcare according to the World Health Organization. Bloomberg ranked the country #2 in the entire world. Medical tourism in Singapore has become so hot it is now a $725 million dollar a year industry, attracting patients from all over the planet. The country’s advanced medical technologies, free economy, and internationally accredited hospitals make it truly one of the best places anywhere to receive medical care.

What you should know about Medical Tourism in Singapore

The government of Singapore is very supportive of people travelling there for medical care. Singapore has more than 25 medical institutions and hosts a number of medical conferences and expos each year. The country is also home to more than 9,000 of the world’s most esteemed doctors and medical research scientists. That means you are less likely to encounter a wait list than in other countries. Many people choose medical tourism in Singapore for the purposes of circumvention. Some newer procedures may be available in Singapore months or years before they are approved by the FDA for use in the United States. Singapore has a very good transportation system as well as Five Star accommodations for tourists.

Why should you choose Medical Tourism in Singapore?

  • Ranked #1 in Asia by the World Health Organization and #2 in the world by Bloomberg Leaders in technology and advanced treatments
  • Top quality doctors
  • Little to no wait lists for procedures
  • Blood supply one of the safest

Drawbacks to Medical Tourism in Singapore

  • Long flight times from U.S.

The cost of Medical Tourism in Singapore

The full amount of your medical tourism in Singapore will depend on the procedure you are undergoing, your selection of clinic or care facility, and your length of stay.

Financing Medical Tourism in Singapore

Medical tourism in Singapore can provide you with advanced treatments at a significant discount. With, paying for your medical care is even easier. We can connect you to a financing option that will let you convert the cost of your medical tourism in Singapore into low monthly installments, giving you more freedom and allowing you to have your procedure without delay. We are specialists at assisting those individuals with imperfect credit, so even if you have been turned down in the past, we still may be able to find you financing. Now you can take the trip and get the procedure you want, when you want.

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