Medical Tourism in Mexico

For Americans seeking medical tourism, Mexico is one of the most popular destinations. Its vicinity, combined with some of the lowest costs for modern medical care in the Northern Hemisphere have led to its growing popularity. Medical Tourism in Mexico has turned into a multi-billion dollar per year industry, with entire towns focusing their economy on budget-minded tourists seeking medical care. Dental tourism in Mexico is especially popular for Americans living close to the border.

What You Need to Know About Medical Tourism in Mexico

Thousands of Americans participate in medical tourism in Mexico each year, and you should be able to find feedback about your doctor or clinic from people just like you who have already gone through with the procedure. Search the internet for reviews and comments from former patients, read Facebook groups, and if you know anyone who has done medical tourism in Mexico, ask them about their experience and if they have any tips or advice for you before you go.


As with any medical surgery, there are certain risks involved. However, when you are travelling to a foreign country, the potential for complications rises. Not only are you at a greater risk of something going wrong, contracting an infection, or receiving inadequate care, but you will be without legal recourse in the event that something does happen. Mexico has gained a reputation for high crime in recent years, however, there are many resort towns and border towns that do not have the same problems that the larger metropolitan areas have. You should research your destination city and your transportation options before you go to make sure you will be comfortable during your procedure and recovery.

Cost Savings

By choosing medical tourism in Mexico you may be able to save money on your procedure. Your total savings will depend on what procedure you are undergoing as well as your choice of clinic and doctor.

Quality of Care

The quality of care in Mexico is generally pretty good, but you should research your clinic or medical facility before you commit to paying a large amount of money for a procedure. For more serious and involved procedures, it may make sense to visit the facilities prior to your procedure. Many doctors and dentists in Mexico actually attend medical school in the United States and have the same rigorous education that American doctors have.

Popular Cities

  • Ciudad Juarez
  • Tijuana
  • Los Algodones

Medical Tourism in Mexico Financing

The more research you do before your trip, the more you will know what to expect. Medical tourism in Mexico will save you a bundle of money, but with, paying for your medical procedures is even easier. We may be able to connect you to a financing option that lets you take the costs of your travel, procedure, and accommodations and convert them into an easy to handle low monthly payment. We regularly help people just like you pay for their own medical tourism in Mexico and with just one application, we can offer you a fast loan decision.

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