Medical Tourism in Jamaica

Medical tourism in Jamaica is a rapidly growing industry. In 2013, plans for a 170 million dollar medical tourism facility were announced and there are several clinics on the island who already cater to medical tourists. In 2014, Jamaica ranked #2 in attractiveness by the Medical Tourism Index (MTI). A popular choice for patients seeking plastic surgery, weight loss and bariatric procedures, oncology, fertility, and wellness tourism, Jamaica is home to more than 2,000 doctors in nearly every field of medicine. Many people choose medical tourism in Jamaica because there are procedures offered there that are not offered in their home country. Jamaica is a great destination for patients who also wish to relax and enjoy a nice vacation while they recover from their procedures. The island is a very tourist-friendly location with many beach-side resorts.

Why choose medical tourism in Jamaica?

  • Short distance from U.S.
  • Caribbean climate
  • Tourist-friendly
  • Lower cost than U.S.
  • Many procedures available that are not yet offered in the U.S.

Drawbacks to medical tourism in Jamaica

  • Higher cost and lower standards of care than some other countries

Jamaica is also home to mineral spas such as the Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa and the Milk River Hotel and Spa, both renowned for their therapeutic properties and their waters rival the Lucerne Spa in Switzerland for radioactive treatments. Because of Jamaica’s unique mineral springs, the country has become a hot spot for health and wellness tourists.

The cost of medical tourism in Jamaica

The final price of your medical tourism in Jamaica will depend on the procedure or therapy you are seeking, your choice of clinic, and the length of your stay.

Medical Tourism in Jamaica financing options

With medical tourism in Jamaica, you are able to save a significant amount of money on the cost of your procedure while also enjoying a nice relaxing time in the Caribbean. With, covering the cost of your surgery is even easier. That’s because we may be able to help you take the costs of your treatment and accommodations and turn them into low monthly installments. So you’ll be able to pay for your medical procedures over time, instead of all at once. We also specialize in helping those who have imperfect credit. That means that even if you’ve been turned down in the past, we still may be able to connect you to an affordable monthly payment plan.

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