Medical Tourism in Italy

Italy has turned into a very popular spot for tourists to receive medical treatments. Though it is not the cheapest country to get your procedure performed, according to the World Health Organization, it has the 2nd best medical care in Europe behind France and possesses some of the most appealing tourist attractions in the world. Where better to get a nose job or facial reconstruction than the home of some of the greatest sculptors in history? Once regarded as the capital of civilization, Italy has nearly unlimited cultural attractions for you to take in during your stay. From ancient Roman ruins and breathtaking scenery to shopping in Milan, Italy has something for everyone considering medical tourism.

Why Choose Medical Tourism in Italy?

  • Top quality facilities and technology
  • Ranked #2 in Europe by the World Health Organization
  • Mediterranean climate
  • 5-Star Luxury Accommodations
  • Tourist-friendly cities
  • Most doctors speak English
  • Excellent food, wine, and sightseeing

Drawbacks to Medical Tourism in Italy

  • Long plane ride from the U.S.
  • Not the cheapest option

Common Destination Cities

  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Venice
  • Milan

Popular Procedures for Medical Tourism in Italy

  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery
  • Hair restoration
  • Weight loss and Bariatric procedures

The cost of Medical Tourism in Italy

The amount that you pay for your medical tourism in Italy will depend on which procedure you are seeking, your choice of hospital and doctor, and the length of your stay. In addition to its high quality medical care, Italy also has an endless number of sightseeing opportunities and tourist attractions to keep you or your companions occupied during your stay.

Financing the Cost of Your Medical Tourism in Italy

When you choose Medical Tourism in Italy, you are not only getting advanced, world-class medical care in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but you are also able to save money on the cost of your procedure. With, paying for your medical care abroad is even easier. We can help you take the cost of your medical tourism in Italy and convert it into a low monthly payment so that you can pay for your treatment over time, instead of all at once. Even if you have been declined for financing previously, we still may have financing options for which you qualify. We help people just like you pay for their medical tourism in Italy, and we can give you a fast decision on your loan application.

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