Medical Tourism in Brazil

Aside from the United States, Brazil is home to more plastic surgeries each year than anywhere else in the world. Medical tourism in Brazil is one of the country’s fastest growing industries and attracts people from all over seeking affordable, high quality cosmetic procedures. The country boasts the world’s first JCI (Joint Commission International) Accredited facility, the Sao Paulo Albert Einstein Hospital. Home of the Brazilian Butt-Lift and the godfather of modern plastic surgery, Ivo Pitanguy. Brazil has such a reputation for quality plastic surgery that it has become a medical destination for even the rich and famous. Though Brazil is a world-leader in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, the country also offers a full roster of surgeries and medical treatments for foreigners. The most popular destination cities for medical tourism in Brazil are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, and Porto Allegre.

Why choose Medical Tourism in Brazil?

  • 2nd most plastic surgeries performed annually behind U.S.
  • Elite surgeons
  • Some procedures available in Brazil before U.S.
  • Over 40 JCI-Accredited Hospitals
  • Beautiful weather

Drawbacks to Medical Tourism in Brazil

  • Lengthy travel times from U.S.
  • High crime rates

The Cost of Medical Tourism in Brazil

Medical procedures in Brazil can vary drastically depending on where you get them performed. As there are several famous plastic surgeons in the country, the price of cosmetic surgery can be comparable to similar procedures in the United States. However, for those surgeons who are not world-famous, the prices can be cheaper than the U.S.

Financing your Medical Tourism in Brazil

Brazil not only offers the world’s premiere plastic surgery clinics, but the country also has much to offer the average tourist. There is plenty to see and do within the country, from nature sightseeing and rainforest trips to historical tours and art museums. Making the choice to have your procedure performed in Brazil means that you could potentially save a lot of money, but it also means that you will get to enjoy an exotic South American vacation at the same time. With financing from, you can pay for the costs of your medical tourism in Brazil comfortably, in affordable monthly payments. Now, you don’t have to wait until you have the money for your trip. If you have been turned down for a loan in the past, we still may be able to pair you up with a great financing plan that will let you pay for your trip over time, instead of all at once. We can offer you a quick loan decision on an affordable financing option.

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