How We Are Different

Paying for medical tourism with has advantages over a credit card. With, there is no need for additional equipment and your customers won’t have to worry about maxing out their credit limit while trying to pay for your services. We offer custom financing solutions tailored specifically to your patient’s needs, so that they get exactly the right amount of money to cover their trip. Even if they have bad credit or no credit at all, our unique financing platform may still be able to connect them to an affordable monthly payment plan.

Qualify Patients Right in Office

With our online portal, you’ll be able to qualify patients right from your office, before they walk out the door. We also pay you first, before the patient undergoes their procedure. So there is never any risk to you or your business if the patient misses a payment or defaults.

Help More Patients Get the Care They Need

By joining the network, you’ll be able to offer your services to more customers than ever before. Our proprietary technology-based financing platform may even allow us to approve more customers than CareCredit. It was designed to give your customers the best possible chance for approval.