Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical tourism?

Medical Tourism is the term for when a person travels to another location for the purposes of receiving medical care.

How do I become a medical tourist?

Most people wanting to become medical tourists work with a medical tourism facilitator, but it is becoming increasingly common for people to make arrangements themselves. Depending on the extent of your procedure, recovery time, the destination country, and logistics of travel, you may decide to pay a third-party medical tourism agent to set up your trip for you. However, many patients find that making the arrangements are not that complicated and those who have experience travelling in a foreign country or who are travelling with a spouse or friend will probably not find it necessary to have a 24/7 escort or guide.

How much money am I going to save?

The total savings for your medical tourism trip can depend on several factors, including the procedure you are planning to have, the destination country, and the particular clinic that you select.

What procedures does cover?

We cover nearly every procedure that medical tourism can offer. If you do not see your particular category or procedure listed, we still may be able to help you find an affordable medical tourism financing plan.

What types of financing programs do you offer? can connect you with a wide range of financing options for nearly every type of credit profile.

What are the current interest rates for medical tourism loans?

Your interest rate will depend on your unique credit background.

What are your credit requirements?

We developed our platform to offer you a broad selection of loan programs with a high chance for approval.

How do I check my rate?

Simply click here to fill out our online application or call us at 1-888-502-8055.

How much will my monthly payments be?

The amount of your monthly payment will depend on your credit background and the size of the loan.

Do all clinics and providers accept Medical Tourism financing?

We try to work with all clinics, doctors, hospitals, and care providers to help patients afford the procedures they need.

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