Dental Tourism

With the costs of many dental procedures stretching into the thousands of dollars, more and more people are choosing dental tourism and traveling to a foreign country to receive their dental care. For people in need of extensive dental work such as root canals, implants, and orthodontics, dental tourism is a great way to get the procedure you need while saving yourself some money.

Dental Tourism in Mexico

Dental Tourism is the easiest for people who live near the border. Residents of California, Arizona, and Texas are the most common dental tourists and there is a flourishing dental tourism industry just across the Mexico border. Since these clinics are a part of the dental tourism industry, most of them have services in English and even offer shuttle service with pick up and drop off at the border. The most popular towns for dental tourism are Tijuana, Juarez, and Los Algodones. Los Algodones, just south of Yuma, Arizona, actually has the highest number of dental offices per capita in the Western Hemisphere– more than 350 in downtown Los Algodones alone. Dental tourism is the main industry for Los Algodones and many clinics advertise north of the border. The best advice for people seeking dental tourism in Mexico is to plan your trip carefully. Before deciding on which dental tourism clinic in Mexico to have your procedure performed, you should do some research about the clinic and find out if there are any reviews available online. If you are working with a dental tourism service, you should iron out the details of your transportation and if you will have an escort when you cross the border. Depending on where your dental clinic is located, you may need additional transportation. In Los Algodones, there are several dental clinics within walking distance of the border checkpoint.

Dental Travel: Where to Go?

Your dental tourism destination should be determined by balancing what is the most convenient and cost affordable option against the best quality option. The reason most people choose dental tourism is cost savings, but you never want to select a clinic just because it is the cheapest. Finding a balance between cost, quality, and location will ensure that you find the optimal clinic to suit your needs.

How Much Does Dental Tourism Cost?

Depending on the particular clinic, procedure, and time of year (some clinics offer discounts and off-season rates) the price of your dental tourism procedure will vary. If you require extensive dental work or you are planning a family trip to get care, the costs can still be thousands of dollars. If you need help paying for your dental tourism procedures, there could be financing options available to you.

Dental Tourism Financing offers dental tourism financing. We may be able to finance an affordable medical tourism loan and offer a fast loan decision on a low monthly payment plan. Now you can get the deep discounts associated with medical tourism, but pay for your procedures over time, instead of all at once. Even if you have less than perfect credit, there may still be dental tourism financing for which you qualify.

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