Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

Why do so many choose cosmetic surgery tourism over getting their operation performed in the United States? Lower costs, lack of wait times, and the ability to get procedures that are not yet approved by the FDA are just a few of the reasons people are choosing cosmetic surgery tourism. Typically, health insurance policies do not cover cosmetic procedures, so it is common for the entire cost to be paid out-of-pocket by the patient. With most surgeries costing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, many people are simply unable to pay for the procedures they want. Cosmetic surgery tourism is a great way to cut the total cost of your procedure and still get excellent care. The cost of a cosmetic surgery in a foreign country is often a fraction of the cost of the same procedure here in the United States. There is also the problem with wait times. Popular procedures and busy clinics often have long waiting lists of patients in line to get their operations. With cosmetic surgery tourism, patients have an entire world of new options available to them so that they don’t have to wait weeks or even months to get the operation they need. Another common reason for people to choose cosmetic surgery tourism is the ability to get procedures performed in a foreign country that are not yet legal in their home country. The bureaucracy of the FDA and U.S. government can mean years before a procedure is properly examined and approved. With cosmetic surgery tourism, you are able to get the procedure you want as soon as it is put into practice.

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Benefits

  • Cheaper
  • More doctors to choose from
  • No wait times
  • No FDA restrictions

Drawbacks to Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

  • Far from home and family
  • Greater risk of complication
  • Potentially lower quality after care

The best way to make arrangements for cosmetic surgery tourism is by working directly with a cosmetic surgery tourism provider. We work with a number of companies who are able to make all of the arrangements for you, including helping you select your doctor, the hospital, hotel, and travel accommodations. When trying to find the medical tourism company that is right for you, you probably do not want to work with only a travel agent. It is important to find a company with experience handling these types of arrangements and one that also has a strong reputation for delivering patient satisfaction. Additionally, you should check for industry accreditation and professional associations that indicate an established reputation for providing these types of services. If you are looking for ways to help pay for your cosmetic surgery tourism, there may be financing available. We specialize in providing loans and financing for cosmetic surgery tourism and we may be able to help you take the total cost of your procedure and break it down into monthly installments. Even if you have less-than-perfect credit, there may still options for which you qualify.

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